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Now that you got your new pup home, it's time to start training! Whether you want your pup to be a pheasant busting- duck retrieving machine, a hunt test/ field trial competitor, or all of the above. It's going to need training right? So where do you start? Whether you want to be fully involved in your dog’s training or you want to hire a pro is ultimately up to you.

Below you will find links to various training clubs and pro trainers.


In my opinion training clubs are one of the greatest resources available to an amateur trainer. Members will have a wide variety of experience and more often than not are willing to help and give advice.  When a group gets together to train you can achieve more in less time. Most clubs also have access to quality training grounds. I strongly encourage all of my clients to at least take a look at joining a club.  I have listed two clubs in our area, if neither of these clubs are near you go to either AKC or HRC website, they should have a complete list of clubs in your area. Click on their logo and you will be directed to their website.

Pro Trainers

It is ultimately up to you who you hire to train you dog.  One thing I can tell you from experience is not all trainers are created equal and just because you see their name all over the industry it doesn't mean they are going to accomplish what you want with your dog.  With that said please make sure you do your research before committing to a trainer. I have listed two trainers below, both have and continue to train dogs for us. Each of them offer excellent and unique services. Click on their logo and you will be directed to their website.


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