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Dairyland Retrievers


Dairyland Retrievers is owned and operated by Kyle and Megan Hensen and twin sons Koltyn and Hoyt.  We are located minutes north of Madison Wisconsin.  Where we live on and Kyle operates his Family dairy farm alongside his father, uncle and cousin.  They are currently milking 520 cows and operate approximately 1200 acres of cropland. While Megan works fulltime for the UW Health system and keeps up with the boys' activities.  As a family we love the outdoors from farming, hunting to enjoying a day at the lake we live outdoors. We got into the retriever business kind of on accident.  Kyle and Megan both grew up with Labradors as family pets, and bought a female chocolate lab named marlee together after dating for a couple years, but it wasn't until 2011 when Kyle bought a Black male named Mac that Dairyland Retrievers was born.  Mac was originally bought to be trained to find the shed antlers of the bucks that outsmarted Kyle during the fall. After one spring of shed hunting we decided that spending so much time training and hunting sheds with Mac was so much fun that we might as well get another pup (Sadie) and train them both on sheds and pheasants.  Both of which could be hunted during too slow winter season of farming.  While trying to figure out how to train a dog to be a top end pheasant dog Kyle met a man named Brian Stichter of High Brass Sporting Dogs.  Brian took and trained Mac for a couple months along the way of Macs upland training, Brian would talk up and show Kyle what Hunt Test dogs could be trained to do.  Being so impressed with the training of these dogs Kyle decided that we might as well get involved it that too.


Here at Dairyland Retrievers we take pride in breeding dogs with sound pedigrees, all health clearances, and with titles on them to support their pedigrees. You will notice we have dogs of all three colors with some of them being factored with another color or all three. We look forward to our boys growing up being involved in the world of dogs. We can honestly say that since getting involved with dogs to the extent that we are now, we have meet some of the nicest down to earth people ever.  We look forward to meeting and hopefully doing business with more of you. 


Please take a moment to explore our website.  Check out our dogs and our puppy page.   I have included training resource on our training page whether you’re looking for a pro, club or simply a place to purchase training supplies you will find this page useful.   Our Links page is full useful links to just about anything in the dog world.  Our Lab info page is for those of you wanting to learn more about Labrador Retrievers including info on health clearances including hereditary diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia and how the coloring of Labs works. 






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