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Below you will find genral information on all of our dogs. 

By clicking on each dogs "pedigree" you will be directed to

There you will find their complete pedigree and more in depth info on them such as

health clearance info and all of their accomplishments!


I thank you for taking interest in our dogs,  please don't hesitate to contact us regarding them!

Please check out our Puppy page for upcoming Litters!


HR Hensen Oudoors Mac

Nan-Dools Web Slinger QAA MH  X  Silver Creek Lizzie

Black Lab Male   -   Carries Chocolate (EEBb)

Certified does not carry Dilution

DOB 12/13/11           -          75Lbs



Mac's Pedigree



NAFC FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade ex

NAFC FC Hardscrabble Roxie Mcbunn

1 Grand Pass & Master AM Pass

Full Pedigree and Health Info

* Co owned w/
   Lee Bilke


SHR Hensen Outdoors Sadie

Creeks Carbon Copy X Hilltops Red Hot Ruby

Black Lab Female (EEBB) - Certified does not carry Dilution

DOB 11/6/2012         -       70Lbs


Sadie's Pedigree

Stumptown's Pursuit of Perfection MH


FC Watermarks Texas Welcome X

Rebel Ridge Jamacian Me Crazy MH

Black Lab Female - Carries Chocolate (EEBb)

Full Pedigree and Health Info


SHR Dairylands Tripn Over The Sky SH

2015 National Bird Dog Circuit- National Finalist puppy division

FC AFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer X Contender's Marina Del Ray MH

Black Lab Female (EEBB) - Certified does not carry Dilution

DOB 6/18/14

Sky's Pedigree


Dairylands Jaded Blue

FC Nan-Dools Elwood Blues  X  Rebel Ridge Jamaican Me Crazy MH

Choclate Lab Female-Carries Yellow (Eebb)

Certified does not carry Dilution

DOB 9/25/14


Jade's Pedigree

HRCH Dairylands Call Me Queen Bee


FC AFC B Bumble   X   Riesling Sweet On Fowl QAA

Yellow Lab Female (eeBB)

Certified does not carry Dilution


DOB 4/3/2016

Gwen's Pedigree

Black Ice's Full of Coco


FC HRCH Black Ice's Carbon Copy Of Ammo Mud Bud x HRCH MPR Balck Ice's Pirates Cannon Blast From The Past MH

Chocolate Lab Female  - Certified does not carry Dilution

DOB 5/13/2016    -        60 LBS

Full Pedigree and Health Info



HRCH Dairylands Crazy Little Gypsy Girl MH

NFC AFC Windycity's Mighty Mouse  X  Rainy River Vitoria QAA

Black Lab Female  (EEBB)

DOB 9/9/2016

Gypsy's Pedigree



Dairylands Perfect Storm QA2


FC Seaside's Gorgeous George ex

FC Tremblin Earth's Touch of Chocolate Reese



Full Pedigree & Health Info



Dairylands Strike Off The Mound QAA


NAFC FC Mulligan Off The Rainy T ex

Gavins Point Ms. Ellie MaeQAA

DOB 11/18/2017

Full Pedigree & Health Info


Dairylands Thin Blue Line

FC AFC It's All Over Now Baby Blue x HRCH Gator Points Call Of The Preacher Man MH

DOB 6/7/2018

Full Pedigree & Health Info



Dairylands Chitter Chatter

FC AFC Creek Robber x FC Lone Willow's Poconip Express

DOB 7/18/2020

Full Pedigree & Health Info



Dairylands Tik Tok

NFC AFC I'm Ur Search Engine x Cape Fear Two Dollar Pistol QAA

DOB 4/24/2021

Full Pedigree & Health Info


Dairylands Hips Don't Lie

FC AFC Beaver Runs Zig Zag Zeke x FC Heartbeat's Georgia Peanut

DOB 10/16/2021

Full Pedigree & Health Info


Dairylands Storm Tracker


Fc Merlyn IV ex Dairylands Perfect Storm QA2

DOB 5/2/2022

Full Pedigree & Health Info

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